Play area, fencing, decking – Brentwood, Essex

In this instance the customers required a few different services for their garden! It consisted of decking painting fencing and building a play area for their children.

The play area was carefully planned with safety in mind for the children. The main construction of the play area started with grading away the ground to make a level surface. Here we then fixed 3 sleepers High to form a solid 6 metre squared border. Posts were set in concrete at a few places and attached to the sleepers the secure it in place for good. Then we filled the play area with a sub base aggregate to ensure both a solid base was formed and there was enough drainage so the play area would not hold water. We then laid a heavy duty membrane and filled the rest of the play area with rubber play chippings, one of our good safety features. Using the rubber chippings gives a long lasting finish that looks good all year round. It also provides a soft base meaning any trips or falls are significantly cushioned.

Play area

Play area

We also constructed a new decking in front if the existing summer house and repainted the summer house. We also installed a large amount of fencing.

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